• Best-practice sustainability

    Best-practice sustainability

  • Industry-leading safety practices

    Industry-leading safety practices

  • Maximising harvest yields

    Maximising harvest yields

  • On-site servicing reduces downtime

    On-site servicing reduces downtime

Expertise and experience

GMT Logging has been harvesting Softwoods in South East Queensland since the early 1990’s.  Since then we have seen many changes!

From chainsaw & dozer operations back then, to now fully mechanised harvesting crews fitted out with the latest in purpose-built machinery.

Steep country is our specialty, with one of our crews dedicated to cable logging.


Our harvest systems have been designed to comply with both FSC (https://au.fsc.org) and Responsible Wood  (https://www.responsiblewood.org.au) forest certification standards.

This means we operate within world best practice standards for environmental, safety, economic and social impacts.

Reliability of Supply

Due to our commitment to machinery maintenance and fleet management, our harvest system consistently supplies timber products from the forest floor to the haulage function.

We pride ourselves on maximising value recovery from the trees harvested, on time and within specifications.


Industry representation

GMT Logging is an active member of the Australian Forest Contractors Association, the national representative body for Forest Contractors 


Training & Facilities

All our operators are trained to the highest standards of Safety, Productivity and Professionalism.
All crews have access to an on-site support truck fitted out with fire-fighting/wash down equipment, diesel tank with electric auto-shutoff pump, oils, greases, tools and first aid facilities.

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